My Idea for the Final Project

For my final project, the topic that immediately stood out to me was weapons. I have always taken an interest in armaments and this seems like the perfect opportunity to dig into something I like. They show that combat is an ever-changing art. While there are some basic types of weapons that have existed throughout all time such as swords, there are many different types of swords that have drastically different uses. It goes far beyond this, for example, when faced with an armored opponent a sword would most likely be forgone completely in exchange for a blunt force weapon or something like a polearm that can pierce their armor. In my final project, I want to take a look at why weapons were made the way they were (i.e. did they have a sharp point for stabbing or was the weapon meant for slashing) and why they changed over time. One of the main reasons for the advancement of weaponry is that an enemy has done the same. I want to take a look at different times in Chinese history and examine the main battlefield weapons used and try to explain what each of the weapons is designed to do (i.e. cut, slash, pierce, crush, etc.), who and what it was designed to fight (i.e. mounted Mongolian archers), and how it fits into Chinese military strategies (i.e. I know that in Europe at least, pikes were used to combated cavalry).

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